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One thought on “Contact Information

  • Emelda Ellertsen

    Morgine Jurdan, your name was pass to me by a former foster mom of a recent adopted chihuahua. Her name is Karo Angvik. Karol has assisted in helping find my lost dog, Olivia. Olivia ran out the door on 2/18/17 of a pet sitter that lives 8miles away from our home. I have read you blog of lost animals. Of course i have cried everyday since we have lost Olivia, and since then have put up flyers, also at vets, pet stores, grocery stores, stood at intersections with posters, place on facebook, craglist, everett hearald, had used a scent dog twice. received sighting, place lures, traps, had placed crate at pet sitter house, used game cams, walk and drove everywhere, seen places that did not even knew existed. I am sad, angry and full of guilt for had leaving Olivia with this pet sitter. Today, I want to begin differently.