Communications With Love

Communications With Love

Heartfelt words spoken with Grace

Heartfelt words create rainbows

which connect our souls

rainbows shimmer

peace falls

silence waits

answers come

The line between today and tomorrow

is always present

in the now

as guiding lights

traverse the stars

and bring us home

Life is best lived

in the quiet moments of Love

Love is the answer

Love wraps your spirit

in cloths of grace

Grace becomes Love

whispered in your ear

your life becomes your lover

you are your beloved

home in your own Love.

© Morgine Jurdan

My passion is to remind you once again of the Beautiful, Magnificent, Loving Being you truly are. To Re-awaken Unconditional Love and inspire more compassion for all forms of life. To infuse you again with Self Love, Self Confidence, and Self Trust. I provide this guidance and wisdom through communications and channeling messages from all forms of Nature, including animals. It is my deepest hope, my unconditional loving wisdom and presence, can help gently and lovingly, guide you to living your life … Authentically, Fully, and Joyfully. Rising to meet each new day with renewed inspiration and purpose!

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