Enhance Your Life Communicating With Animals & Nature

It is well known in many different circles of thinking, that a great cure for stress, overwhelm, confusion, is a long walk out in nature.  Why?  What is it that helps bring about this transformation?  Why do so many people want to “get away from it all” and go back to nature when they go on vacation to relax and enjoy themselves?

Why are animals becoming such an important part of therapy in hospitals, nursing homes and even prisons where dog training is being used to transform the prisoners lives?  Why do some people feel such a great loss when an animal friend dies?

It has been my own personal experience that all of Nature is an extension of that one creative force, Divinity, God, whatever label is most comfortable for you to use.  When I am fully connected to some part of Nature or an animal friend, I feel immersed in a sea of unconditional love endlessly pouring around me and through me. I am refreshed, more clear, more peaceful, and overflowing with gratitude.  I am sometimes stunned to silence by the brilliance and or simplicity of the messages I have received.

Indigenous cultures have shared how they communicated with animals, insects and all of nature in order to live their daily lives.  These Beings were their teachers and mentors.  The Aborigines had planets in their drawings of the solar system our scientists have just discovered, and it mystifies astronomers!  Perhaps this Source Energy/God/Divinity is communicating to humans all the time through the plants, animals, insects and all of nature?

Perhaps we have only forgotten how to quiet our minds and listen and hear the magical and meaningful messages they are sharing with us every day! Even in the Bible it states:  “But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach you; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell you; or speak to the earth, and it shall teach you; and the fishes of the sea shall declare to you. ”  Job 12:7-8

Communication is the transformation of information between humans, plants, animals, machines, and is never ending.  If we all come from One Source and everything is an Extension of that Source Energy, then perhaps every particle of creation is communicating with every other particle on some level, including you and me! This would explain the magic we often experience in Nature with every changing season and how the animals and insects all seem to know how to adapt to most of the changes they experience.  People clear cut land near me and yet 25 years later, many things have grown back on their own.  That would explain how an acorn can transform into a giant oak tree, and how a tiny seed can grow into a plant growing huge, delicious, red tomatoes!

When you communicate with Nature your experience of gardening is transformed and challenges can be transformed almost magically. Insects can become your friends!  Talking to animals can help transform your relationships!  Instead of telling the dog, “Don’t get on the couch!” and visually showing her a picture of what you don’t want her to do, you can use new words and pictures of what you actually desire! “Daisy, thank you for laying on the floor in front of the couch!”

If you are confused in your life, feeling overwhelmed, lack clarity, need some inspiration, guidance, or understanding, turn to Nature and Animals for assistance and guidance. Their loving messages can transform you life in endless ways!

“Make sure the door to your heart remains open.  This is the place where the essence which is You connects with the essence which is Me.  At this level words are no longer necessary. Your senses can carry you beyond the place words alone can reach.  Sit below on the ground and find that place where your breath and mine become one.  Tears appear as you realize there is no place I begin and end and we touch always in all ways.  The breath we share becomes the river upon which our hearts hear that song which carries love to all of creation. Know this and peace will be yours forever. ” Honey Locust Tree


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