I would Love to Help you…

  • Have Peace of Mind when you Beloved Friend is passing on.
  • Find Easy Techniques for help with Training..
  • Receive Inspiring Personal Messages from Animals or Nature Beings
  • Get Coaching help with  Missing Animals

While they are similar in some ways, animals do experience life in very different ways, especially dealing with health issues, end of life and missing animals. Sometimes when certain situations arise, like stresses in a family, moving, divorce, vacations, animals can experience confusion too and really need to communicate their feelings and desires to us.  They cannot ask for help. Instead, they may act out, refuse to eat, act depressed, be ill,  be challenging in training situations, or run away.

I lovingly communicate with your animal friends and assist you both through these frustrating experiences in a more loving way. I bring clarity and peace of mind so you are understanding the situation and know you are truly doing what is best for you and your beloved animal friend as well.

My gift is connecting with the deeper messages animals and nature have to share with us.  Animals & Nature Beings can often answer challenging questions and are incredible teachers. Anyone who has cared for an animal, spent time with a favorite plant or tree, knows they have an enormous capacity for giving and receiving love.  They have been incredible mentors for me.

When INSECTS and other “pests” appear, they often come to bring Balance to a situation and humans sometimes respond by attempting to eliminate or kill them. I communicate and attempt to obtain their wisdom for you, so they can often leave on their own. One couple had ants appear and take over their patio three years in a row and nothing worked to eliminate them. After our phone conversations and some gratitude shared with the ants, they left

I offer loving phone consultations, lectures, Animal & Nature Communication Clinics, Tele Classes, and private Mentoring. If you have questions, please call or write me. Inquires are free of charge. Please call between 9. a.m. and 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

I trained with Penelope Smith, author of “Animal Talk” and “When Animals Speak.” I have also worked with Samantha Khury, Dorothy Maclean, Ken Page and Danaan Parry and others. My writing on animal communication is well published. For example, I share a couple inspiring stories with Arthur Meyer in “Communicating With Animals” and in Dawn Brunke’s books, “Animal Voices” and “Awakening To Animal Voices”.


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