My History With Animals

Animals have always been a part of my life. When I came into the world, there were already two mallard ducks in our family and as I grew up, my sister and I also had many more animals, including cats, mice, chameleons, a myna bird, a skunk, a small tortoise, a pony, a rat, a dog and other creatures. My partner also had animals and we continued the tradition with our own children, who in addition to many cats and dogs, also cared for their own ponies, milking goats, rabbits, gerbils, rats, and a snake among others. Today, our children are on their own and we still have two wonderful dogs, two cats, two cheerful cockatiels, and a tank full of fish.

I had many interesting experiences living with and caring for all my animal friends. They inspired me to love, be patient, show compassion, and to always be prepared for something unexpected and sometimes magical. As a child, I once saw my cat, Sammy, perched on a large limb of our Pepper tree, which hung over our driveway, while his brother, Blacky, was lying underneath. Blacky frequently was beaten up by other cats, and sometimes neighborhood dogs. Along came this small black and white “terrier-looking” dog, and he charged at Blacky. In a flash, Sammy jumped onto the dog’s back, and bit into one of his ears, holding on tight. He rode the dog several blocks down the street before getting off, and the dog never bothered Blacky again. I have seen animals open closed hearts, helped people heal and protect them from danger.

One of my daughter’s dogs became very ill when she was young, and needed weekly transfusions. He actually talked to me and asked me to sing to him when I took him to the vet each week during the half hour drive. I felt a little silly back then, and did it anyway. Many years later, I am grateful I followed my inner guidance, knowing his requests were very real. It is now my desire to make sure other people can have similar experiences.

I have learned animals are a part of virtually everyone’s life in some way or another. Many of the things I eat, use, wear, live in, sometimes contain materials derived from animal’s bodies. Animals also serve as guide dogs, help police, assist in search and rescue, know when someone is going to have a seizure, and can even detect cancer in humans before our machines can identify it. They live in our homes as companions, nurture abused adults and children, visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes. They offer friendship and unconditional love, and at times, when no one else will. It is my desire to help them live their lives with as much love, joy, understanding and respect as I am able to provide by the work I do. I want people to understand how they feel, what they have to say about their lives, and what we can each learn from one another.

I always talked to my animal friends and seldom heard anything back. Then I read Penelope Smith’s book, “Animal Talk”, I had a tiny bit of success. Later, I took her Beginning Workshop, and began my journey as an animal communicator. I thought I was just going to learn how to communicate with my own animal friends, and to help them be happier Beings. I never knew it would change my life. Animals never cease to amaze me and to enhance my life in countless ways by the love and wisdom they share each and every day. They can answer the simplest questions and then speak with the wisdom of an elder or a sage, providing deep spiritual answers to sometimes complicated questions. Wisdom often lies where I least expect it.

At the same time, I also began communicating with insects, trees, the wind, water, and so much more. My life was enhanced in so many ways. Today I have a beautiful relationships with all kinds of Beings including my computer, my car, my house and so much more! Learning how to align my energy with all forms of life in this magical place I live, transformed dullness and struggle into ecstasy and bliss! I promise you a new world awaits your when you begin this journey into communicating with more and more Love.


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