Animal Communication Classes

In this amazing and fun Four Week class,  begin to communicate better with your animal friends. Be inspired and enhance your relationships with your animal friends, improve behaviors, learn new ways to train, help with illness and more! Transform how you communicate with all of life!

I have always had animals in my life since the day I was born and my parents had two ducks.  I am a published author, teacher, healer, artists and more. Communicating With Love is my passion.  Allow me to help you learn new ways to communicate more lovingly with your animal friends and in turn, with all of life! Become the change you wish see in the world. Explore a new world today!

Call or email me today at: 360-247-7284 (Pacific Time) or email me: to sign up or ask questions. I look forward to hearing from you! Remember … Wisdom often lies where you least expect it!

Pre-Requisite: Read One of the following:
Animal Talk by Penelope Smith
Learning Their Language by Marta Williams
The Language of Animals by Carol Gurney
You Can Talk To Animals by Janine Adams


Monday Evenings
July 14th – August 4th
5 – 6 PM Pacific 8 – 9 Eastern
4 week Teleclasses (on the phone)
Cost: Donation (You decide the value of what I offer you.)

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