Communing with Animals & Nature
Communicating with Love
with Morgine

Use the power of Love
to communicate with your Animal Friends
with Nature
with everything
Unlock your own hidden wisdom
with delightful, easy, and joy-filled exercises

Breathe more meaning and magic into every moment. Learn how loving communications can help resolve problems, increase health, and improve in training with your animal and plant friends. Develop closer relationships, reduce stress, and increase both your well being. Release the illusion of separation and become more intimate with all forms of life.

“Animals and Nature love us, forgive us, trust us, even when we are not at our best. It is such a blessing for me to allow people to hear their points of view, and to assist everyone in learning how to do this. Wisdom often lies where we least expect it.” Morgine

Individual Mentoring:

I used to teach classes and now I mainly do mentoring: in person, on the phone, or face to face on the Zoom platform on the internet. Go at your own pace and learn in a one on one environment with lots of personal attention.  Call with any questions, inquires at no charge  I am very Flexible.  My
normal fee is $80.00 an hour.  360-686-9886 Pacific


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