Celebrating Your Animal Friends

I presented a tele class at

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

If you want to check it out and listen, visit the website and sign up for free access to the  great recording!

What we covered:

It seems we often wait until the end of someone’s life, be they animal or human, to take time to remember and appreciate them. Perhaps we are living our lives backwards or upside down?

Maybe we can begin to celebrate ourselves and our animal friends a little more every day . . . or once a week . . . or once a month? There are many simple ways in which we can do this: in our families, or with friends, or perhaps with a neighborhood event once in a while!

Why not celebrate ourselves and each other here and now, while our animal friends are still with us and able to appreciate our gratitude and love? They are amazing in all the many ways they support us every day.

We also might wake up with a new perspective about our own human lives!

Come and find out how a little celebration here and now can change your daily experience of life, each other, and your relationships! During this program you will:

1. Learn to use “celebration” as a exciting tool to transform your life and your relationship with your animal friends, and perhaps even your human friends as well!
2. Deepen your appreciation of the gifts your animal friends are in your life.
3. Discover how focusing on what brings you joy can help lessen your pain and suffering.
4. Learn how to celebrate yourself and your animal friends more deeply in very simply ways.
5. Explore how celebration can reduce the suffering and grief often experienced when a beloved animal friend dies.

Again visit this site to find out more: and click on 2010 link and find my name under December.

Communing with Animals & Nature

Communicating with Love

with Morgine

Use the power of Love to communicate with your Animal Friends, with Nature, with everything.

Unlock your own hidden wisdom

with delightful, easy, and joy-filled exercises.

Breathe more meaning and magic into every moment. Learn how loving communications can help resolve problems, increase health, and improve in training your animal and plant friends. Develop closer relationships, reduce stress, and increase both your well being. Release the illusion of separation and become more intimate with all forms of life.

“Animals and Nature love us, forgive us, trust us, even when we are not at our best. It is such a blessing for me to allow people to hear their points of view, and to assist everyone in learning how to do this. Wisdom often lies where we least expect it.” Morgine

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