Telepathic Communication Never Ends

As I stand in the forest, smelling the fragrance of the Honey Locust trees in bloom, listening to the creek meandering by, birds singing, and feeling the sun and wind upon my face, I wonder … what does the concept of “communication” include? What is communication and what is not?? Telepathy is only one kind of communication, which does not include the use of verbal language. Might it then include everything else? Everyday I communicate with life on many levels, both consciously with intention, and unconsciously as well. Someone once said that “actions speak louder than words” and that is sometimes very true. Who I am in the world and how I live my life, is a form of communication all by itself.

At one time, I thought learning to communicate with plants or animals was something I needed to study and learn how to do. Now I am beginning to recognize, it is something that happens all the time, continually, every moment of every day, and I just choose to tune it out! We often read the same books, see the same movies, hear the same music, and yet each one of us, interprets them in their own unique way, at that particular moment in time. I know I have re-read a book and found pages I never remembered reading before. I have watched movies again and the message, the second time around, seemed very different to me. Who I am in this Moment, when I am experiencing something, greatly colors how I choose to experience it at that time.

I gaze at a tree with its barren branches and wonder, is this what it is? Is this how I would define this tree? Then I see it in spring, in full bloom, the Locust tree filled with fragrant blossoms and I wonder, is this who you really are? Later, the branches are clothed in green leaves and I wonder again, is this the tree now? The tree changes, moment to moment, and is never the same. I can take a photograph every day, and know, I cannot lay one on top of the other, searching for an identical picture, because it will never appear the same. No two moments are the same. Each one is unique and different.

Every Sliver of Creation is communicating to each other in a continuous endless stream. The sun and moon and stars all dance together in the sky. The microbes in the soil talk to the worms and bugs as they all create what is needed, for the plants above to grow. Timing is important and every year, as the seasons play themselves out, I recognize a symphony of communication that must occur for this to happen. Each tiny bit, each large piece, communicating with one another, to create balance and harmony and growth, over and over again. Researchers have found that birds singing greatly increased the quantity and quality of crops at a level of communication, we cannot even begin to understand or appreciate.

Telepathic communication is not really something I need to study and learn, it is something I merely need to recognize and AWAKEN to! Just because I cannot hear, does not mean the world is silent. It merely means I have spent so many years trying to hide my thoughts and feelings from others, that I have successfully built walls around myself to keep things at arms length. I agreed to play the game: “I will not read your mind if you don’t read mine, and if we do, we will pretend not to.” I used to live in fear of other people knowing how I really felt, and now I have the confidence to just tell them. In the past, I worried about what other people might think about me and now I know, it is what I think about myself that matters most! Each person is going to perceive me differently anyway. The more I let down my barriers, the more the communication of all kinds, comes flowing in, effortlessly.

Nature communicates to the plants and animals, whether it is going to be a long and cold winter, or short and mild, so they can respond appropriately. Instead of hearing this same message, at the core of our own beings, we turn to science for answers, or we look at animals and plants and try and “figure out” their signals, like growing a thicker coat of fur, or storing more food, for instance. We are afraid to listen and even more afraid to really hear.

I am taught, growing up, that I am me, separate and apart from everyone else. If I am inside a house, or I live in the city, I am taught I am “away” from Nature. I go on field trips to be out “in Nature”. In reality, everything I eat and use and wear in my life began somewhere in Nature. I cannot be anywhere, where there is not some ground or water or rock underneath my feet. Even the tallest building, it is sitting on earth, and the building is made from rocks and trees and oil and minerals, all transformed into paper and plastic and steel and wood and carpets and paints. At what point does something die and when is it alive? Do we give things energy with use? Is my car alive, or this computer? Can we adequately define what we do not quite understand, or can we only guess? Where does communication begin and end?

I meet many people still denying that any form of communication exists, other than the use of words. They live in fear of hearing the pain and suffering they imagine “might” be occurring in the environment around them, which is constantly being manipulated and controlled by humans. They do not want to even imagine plants might posses feelings or emotions and could experience pain. What if animals really do experience pain and understand us more deeply than we give them credit for? How do we defend our thoughtless raping and destruction of these life forms, or the pain and suffering we cause those beings who clothe our bodies, fill our tummies with food, produce materials for our camera film, cosmetics, fertilizers, sports equipment, asphalt, and so much more. It is much, much easier to give a deaf ear to it all and pretend it simply does not exist.

Nowadays, however, we are searching for clues. Where can we find happiness? How do we find peace in our lives? How can we learn to get along and celebrate our differences? How do we create a more loving and nurturing and supportive society and world? The answers lie, as they always have, in everything around us. Each and every part having a voice, a purpose, a reason for being.

What we see and can hear in the world around us, is a place where love exists, freely and openly, without conditions. The sun does not ask anything in return for its’ love, it gives itself freely, without hesitation, being the best sun it can be. My tree friend is passionate about being itself without comparing itself to others. Each part, loving itself and all that surrounds and interacts with it. Life is filled with love and joy and creativity, as each part uniquely creates and expresses itself, no two parts ever being the same. There is conflict and struggle and a yin and yang, birth and death and transformation, all flowing in a seamless tapestry of life, moment to moment.

Perhaps we humans can learn from our observations, how to live more in harmony with each other and the natural world around us. Our bodies continue to function and grow without a great deal of attention on our part, taking in and processing food and water, energy and emotions, sun and rain and moon light. Maybe if we learn to communicate telepathically with each other, we will begin to understand how much more we have in common than we share in our differences. Perhaps we can begin to celebrate our differences instead, and honor the creativity that flourishes in the human species as well.

Telepathic communication weaves seamlessly through ever Sliver of Creation, binding us all together into One Web of Life, and it is this Oneness in which we are all interconnected, and which we all share. Learning to communicate with all forms of Nature and Animals can help fill in the missing pieces in our lives and assist us in increasing our awareness of our own Divine Nature and the important part we each play in the Whole. Like our Indigenous ancestors who understood the importance of our connections to all of life, may we once again, open the doors to a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other, by listening to the mirrors all around us, loving us deeply and leading us back home again.

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