Journey Into Communication

I have been on a long journey surrendering again into Self Love and Joy, always seeking ways to assist myself in growing more in this direction through workshops, books, coaching, audio programs and conferences for several decades. I never imagined that learning to communicate with animals and nature was going to provide me with the closest experience I would have to talking directly with the Divine and pure, Unconditional Love!

It is my experience that Nature creates “balance” all the time in response to our human actions, or the planet would not continue to exist as it does. About 70 acres were clear cut next to my house and thousands and thousands of new plants are all growing back on their own. Part of this balance is a co-creation of plants, insects, animals, and nature spirits in general. Animals help create this “balance,” whether they are outside in the wild, or domesticated and living inside our own homes.

When there is a disturbance in our homes in the form of stress, anger, struggles, illnesses, animals will do their best to balance things out and help create some healing. Since each animal is unique, they do this in different ways. Some send healing energy, some send us advice about what kinds of actions to take to reduce or remove the problem, while others actually clean off the negative energy and they might take it on themselves in the process.

Animals often mirror what is going on around them, like stress, for instance. They respond to it, in an attempt to change it, and create more happiness, love and harmony. Like energy attracts like energy as well, so we draw to ourselves very similar reflections. We might attract animals working on similar issues, so we can heal our own. It was not until much later in his life, I realized how many of his qualities I shared with my dog and cat friends! As I cleared away my obstacles, so did they, and were healthier and brighter as time went on.

The more I began communicating with plants and animals, the more mirrors I began to see. Even my beloved house plants reflected my progress in life. When I was feeling overwhelmed, I would forget to water them enough. As I suffered, so did they! I soon recognized, by not keeping all my promises to play with my dog friend, how I was also not keeping commitments I had made to myself! I could feel the words of these amazing animals and plants vibrating in my body on many levels.
In order to assist my loving animal friends and my plants, I had to take charge of my own life and allow more Love to flow. I learned to see life through their unconditionally loving eyes. I grew to appreciate my own divinity and magnificence, and one tiny step at a time, I was being re-born into my authentic self!

I now communicate freely with all kinds of Beings, from bacteria and insects, on up to whales and planets. Animals have taught me to come from my heart, creating a divine connection with my clients and their animal friends, so we can clearly and openly communicate with love. Many problems arise from a place of confusion, where we are picturing what we fear or are worried about, instead of the resolution itself.

Today I find myself surrounded my many Beings, animals, plants, insects, ready and willing to lovingly coach me through many of my deepest struggles in life. Dolphins, whales and other animals are now coaching people on all sorts of issues in their lives, while opening us to allow more love to flow into our lives.

You are perfect and divine as you are in this moment and so is your animal friend. We come together to communicate with love and bring to the surface whatever needs to be addressed in this moment to help resolve some issues, clear the air, acquire some deeper understanding about yourself and your friend, or perhaps some life coaching with your own animal friends or other wise and wonderful Beings. I am here to serve you with love and grace in any way I can.


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  1. Discover how to experience the animal s viewpoints and how to expand on the telepathic communication with animals you have already experienced in the past.

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