What Is Telepathic Communication and How Does It Work?

Telepathic communication is the transference of thought between minds by some means other than normal sensory channels, like speaking, music, or sound. Telepathic communication can occur in many forms such as words, pictures, ideas, physical sensations, sounds, impressions, feelings, or just a sense of knowing,. I think because we do not actually need to use our mouths to speak back and forth, we define it as being beyond normal sensory channels. I believe this is often a more “complete” form of communication. For example, my vocabulary greatly limits my ability to share an awesome sunset by the ocean with you. If I do this telepathically, I can then share my feelings and emotions, perhaps the taste of the salt air, and you might be able to actually see the sunset, and share a more complete picture of what I am experiencing.

The definitions of being a psychic, or using psychic abilities, pertain to ”sensitivities to forces beyond the physical world.” This usually means beyond what we can see, hear, taste, touch and feel in a physical sense, or in a way that science could measure. Science for instance, cannot measure emotions per se, like love or anger, or fear, yet we certainly know they are “real”. Science cannot tell what you are thinking or feeling, or what you are imagining in your mind. It is for these reasons, some people doubt this kind of work. It is difficult to “measure” with accurate results, because each person and each animal is very unique and different, and we all actually communicate in many different ways!

People ask why they receive different answers from different communicators. First, since we are each unique and different human beings, like each snowflake, each blade of grass, no two of us are identical. We each grow up with different ideas and beliefs and perceptions of the world. Policemen many times cannot believe six people all saw the same accident, because they often give such varied descriptions. How many people always agree on the best movies, books or food they enjoy? A class of thirty college students write an essay about their teacher. Some think she is the best teacher they ever had, some the worst, and others in between. So, each communicator is going to interface and communicate with their own unique style. I know people who have gone to different doctors and received a different diagnosis. Artists render different interpretations of the same things. As with other professionals, you might want to shop around to find a communicator you resonate with. I am always willing to provide a list of other communicators people can contact if they do not resonate with me.

Most of my work is done over the phone. I ask you for your name, address, and the name and physical description of your animal friend. This allows me, to make sure I am connecting with the right animal. There could be several cats named Angel living in Seattle, WA, for example. Telepathy does not require you be in the physical presence of an animal. In consultations, I share your concerns, ask questions, listen, and receive answers in words, thoughts, feelings, sensations, pictures, and more. My technique is to have a two way conversation with your animal friend. Other communicators might psychically “read” or “channel” an animal, which I feel is very different. This is my own unique point of view.

Some people grow up talking to animals and plants and have continued to do so all their lives. I think many people are born being able to do this. Parents sometimes think their children are talking to imaginary friends, when in actuality, they are having very real conversations. When you want to learn to communicate with animals, you merely have to regain that place of child-like innocence, curiosity, non-judgment and non-assumption, and you open yourself up to a new world once again.

Some people ask how do I know this works? How do I know I am really connecting with an animals? I have a drawer filled with letters of gratitude for the work I do, sharing changed behaviors, healings and more. Much of my work comes from referral of other clients. Some stories bring me to tears, because I am so grateful that I could bring some understanding and compassion to an unhappy situation. On tough days, it is these letters and calls, that keep me going.

Telepathic communication can help clarify a problem. Sometimes, I might offer suggestions about what could be done to address an issue. I do not see it as my job to solve the entire problem. Animals sometimes are receiving confusing messages from you, because you are picturing what you are worried about, or are afraid they are going to continue to do. Usually a little more clarity on your part, and understanding on the animal’s part, will help bring about a resolution.

Telepathic communication merely offers another Tool to help you understand your animal friends at a deeper level and in the process, you often get a clearer look at yourself as well. I find most of my clients are already communicating in this way and just need some added validation regarding their own perceptions. My passion is in helping us all to live happier and more peaceful lives, filling our days with more love and joy and Magic. This work has helped me succeed in inspiring myself and others in achieving this dream. I look forward to helping you as well.

When we learn to flow “with life”, as animals often do, things can change and a sense of effortlessness can take over. Too often, we humans are clinging too tightly to the edge of the river, afraid to let go, or working too hard to swim up stream. My goal is to allow you to learn how to surrender and flow with life, more confident about your own understanding, and with a greater sense of awareness regarding your animal friends.

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