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Many people are often concerned about maintaining good health of their animal friends. Animals are often greatly affected by those around them, and in many cases, often take on human illnesses or stress. Learning new ways to deal with issues such as this, can lead you both to find new and different ways to establish an environment where harmony and good health, are inspired and maintained.

Healing is often a relative term, because it can mean different things to different people, and animals as well. Our human ideas vary greatly about what it can mean to feel “good” or “bad”, when we are experiencing “pain”, when we are still not quite “well”, or when we are completely recovered. This is why animal communication can be such a valuable tool, in helping to sort things out, and find out what is really going on with your animal friends.

While animals do suffer and experience pain, they do so in an “animal way” and not in a human way. Animals will tell me how they are feeling, their pain and discomfort, however, they do not label themselves as being “sick”. They are merely having a different experience today than yesterday. It might be more difficult to walk, or breathe, for example. They usually do not tell me, they are miserable, feel horrible and think they are going to feel more sick for a week! They usually consider their physical discomfort merely a part of their experience. It is rare to find any animal afraid of dying, except in cases of abuse and confusion. They are more at peace with their lives and all the experiences that go with it. Taking this into consideration, seeing them well and healthy, is often a valuable tool in healing! I have had client’s animals completely recover from severe diseases, merely by using some daily visualization techniques I teach.

There are countless ways to assist animals in healing themselves today. Go on the internet or visit your local bookstore for just a few dozen ideas! Do you want to use flower essences, color therapy, energy work, Tellington Touch, Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Chiropractic, and so on?? Even holistic veterinarians sometimes will offer you a variety of choices to choose from. What do you do, and where do you begin in this journey towards healing?

The first thing I want to inquire about is a possible “source” of the dis-ease. First I inquire about the “environment” in which the animal lives. I am interested in getting a detailed description of where the animal lives, what it eats, does it get exercise, and so on? When out of balance, any of these things can affect an animal’s health and vitality.

Next I want to know what kind of “environment” is created by other animals and the “human-animals” who inhabit the house with them? Are these other “Beings” generally calm and relaxed, occasional upsets, or uptight and stressed out? Do people ever have any kind of arguments; are they aggressive towards the animals or each other, or somewhere in between? Does anyone yell or raise their voice or do people have personal challenges going on with money, relationships, self esteem; and so on? Are they living in a new home? Humans often find it difficult to communicate clearly and honestly with each other, so it is easy to understand how animals can mis-interpret our words and actions. They might be attempting to help you feel better or feel responsible for your challenges. While any of these things can normally occur in many homes today, each animal can respond differently to these kinds of stimulus, just as humans do. Some can be inspired to action and wanting to help you in some day, while others may choose to cleanse your energy field. They most often desire to help, to serve, to love and assist us, and this can manifest in many ways, including absorbing our energies and taking on our illnesses.

Some people have tried many different forms of healing with little success, because the “source” of the problem is still there and has not been dealt with. If the animal is taking on someone’s stress and that is not dealt with, it will return again when the stress arises. Here they are responding to an external stimulus. Also, our thoughts are as real and alive as anything else in our lives, despite our inability to “see” them. When people get angry, are stressed out, frustrated and agitated, all those feelings are released out into the room, and stay there, unless cleansed and released. This has often gone on for years and animals are frequently, even more sensitive to these energies than we are. Sometimes merely Cleansing your home of non-beneficial energies, can bring some relief to the animals and the humans as well.

In sharing healing techniques, my first and foremost concern, is the “quality” of the person administering them, so to speak, regardless of which methods they are choosing to use.

1. I suggest the person ground and center themselves and cleanse themselves of any negative energy. Perhaps balance their own chakras.

2. Make an Intention for the healing process they intend to do. “I would like to give some healing energy to my dog Rachel, to aid in her healing for the highest and best good in her life.”

3. Choose a clean environment in which to do your healing work, or cleanse an area, or work inside a bubble of healing energy you create.

4. I say a blessing or prayer of gratitude in advance for any healing which will take place.

Remember if you are tired, in a hurry, working in an energetically cluttered space, then your healing energy has to go through all these “filters” and its affects will be lessoned. Take a few moments to prepare and both you and the animal will benefit. Working in a stressful area, or in front of the television, or in the middle of a busy room, may not be the best place, and the quality and the effect of what you are doing might to be as good as it could be.

Healing again, is a relative term and can apply differently to each situation and each animal involved. It is often best to begin by examining to see if the animal’s basic needs are being met in the best way possible. Next take a closer look, very honestly I might add, at the atmosphere and attitudes surrounding the animal day to day. Sometimes it can take only one intense moment to affect an animal’s health, and at other times, it is a prolonged state of stress, tension, or the lack of resolution to a continuing problem. What is the attitude of the person preparing their food, administering medications? Are the people living with the animal worried all the time, which also causes more stress in the animal, and can compromise their healing process, since they want you to be happy!

In my practice, many animals have healed from dis-ease, including the final stages of cancer, when people merely began seeing their animals “well” all the time, loving them and themselves on deeper and deeper levels. In some cases, Love was the only medicine left, and it worked miracles. Communicating with your animal friends can sometimes uncover simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. Understanding what they think and how they feel about life can often begin the road to healing.


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