I Am the Magic

I am the magic in the birds singing
I am the colors in the rainbow
I color the sky with my radiance
and I fill the forest with my loam
I am the mountains meeting the sky
all day long

for in one drop of water
and in one grain of sand
in one cell of my body
the world
is made whole again

as I breathe
I take in life
and let it go
my hair, my skin, my breath
fall upon the earth
composting into soil
eaten by worms and bugs
eaten by animals and birds
living in trees
fertilize the tree
with their excrement
and the tree
growing fruit I eat
eating myself
again and again
becoming whole
and being
a part of it all

I am the beginning
I am the end
without an end
the deepest feeling anyone has
the deepest love
the deepest pain
the greatest longing
the peace beyond transcendence
they are all me
they are all mine
all Divine
all that I AM

there is no richness I cannot have
there is no pain I cannot feel
there are no lines
no divisions
no time
no separations
I come from a place
that remembers it all
and into which
all life flows
Love is
all there is

and in the
moment of true reflection
I fall down
and weep
in the arms
of myself

Morgine 2-5-2004

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