The Language of Communication

It is often said, “Love makes the world go round,” and I tend to agree.  Each part of Nature, from microscopic bacteria to the whales in the ocean, help create the Magical world in which I live.  Each part is in constant communication with all the other parts.  Like the Sun, for example, which asks nothing of me, yet shares its’ radiant self with all, being the grandest and most magnificent sun it can be.  Despite all humans have done for centuries, balance and harmony of some sort, is re-created again and again.  Loving without conditions, Nature and animals continue to survive and bless us with all we eat, use, wear and need for our survival here on the physical level.

Each part is communicating with each other part, a shared language, allowing for changes to constantly occur in nature, among animals and with the planet as a whole. The seasons come and go and Nature flows on, creating balance out of chaos. Our bodies, like a small planet, need little conscious input.  We see with our eyes, our hearts beat, we digest and process our food without instructions.  If the heart decided not to cooperate and pump the blood, or the intestines went on strike, our bodies would quickly die.  A loving cooperation between millions and millions of cells is necessary, every single moment, in order for us to continue to live.  A language of love and cooperation helps to maintain the whole (of our bodies) similar to the planet on which we live, and to which we are so intimately connected.

The animals we bring into our lives are part of this whole as well.  They were created to maintain and create balance, like every other part in Nature.  Being creative beings like us, they can choose to do this in many ways.  They can change their behaviors, attempt to communicate with us telepathically, or become sponges and take on our illnesses and disease in an attempt to heal us.  They know, balance must be maintained in order for life to continue and they will do what is necessary to help create this, out in Nature, and in our homes as well.  Learning to communicate with them, can teach us a great deal.  We can learn a lot about ourselves, about them, and how to create a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.  We can often solve problems and deal with challenges which pop up in our lives, and help bring more balance and love back into our lives once again.

This is what Communications With Love is all about.  Helping you learn how to live in cooperation with Nature and animals, and to  enjoy the Magic which is all around you all the time.  I am here to serve and assist you in this process.  I am forever involved in a process of learning new things, moment to moment.  I am therefore grateful for all the animals in my life, each particle of Nature,  and for each of you who choose to allow me to serve you in some way.


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