Here are some various resources you might like to use to assist yourself, your Animal Friends or Nature. First is a list people and organizations I know and recommend. Following that are a few I know and most I simply found on the internet I thought my clients might need: Flower Essences, General, Lost & Missing Pets, and Pet Loss. There is also a Suggested Reading List to enhance your own communication with all of life under my main Resources Link as well.

Personal Recommendations

In my life, I have had many amazing teachers in the form of people, animals, books, classes, tapes, movies and much more. Several of them are listed in this Resource Section pages. Some of these people affected me deeply and helped me to make a big shift in my own life and I list some of them here, because I highly value what they have to share and possibly they could help transform your life in some way? We also each resonate with different teachers.

Penelope Smith changed my life by writing her book “Animal Talk.” I took many of her classes and am forever grateful to her for sharing her gifts.  Penelope Smith is the revered founding pioneer in the field of interspecies communication, author of the popular books, Animal Talk and When Animals Speak, (available in many languages)and other books. She believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and can be regained by most people for the benefit of all beings on Earth.

Wonderful Animal Communication Magazine where you can ask questions and answers from communicators. Species Link Journal

Dog & Cat Resource for DIY great Dog Food Recipes and Snacks, Lots more be sure and scroll down….

Animal Wellness Magazine is one of my favorite magazines for up to date health care for animals in many areas. It has also featured articles on animal communication too.

Best Friends Sanctuary & Magazine  I was so inspired by this magical place where there is endless love and devotion shown to animals and the sacred land on which they live. I highly recommend supporting their amazing work and their beautiful magazine.

Animal – Pet Related Web Sites
(I do not personally recommend all these sites below. I found them in searching for animal related things myself, or companies requested I post them, and thought people might find something they needed there.The ones I personally use have a * by them.  NOTE: many Businesses write good articles to attract you to their website, so LOOK before clicking on the  links at the top or the bottom, because those links often do not apply to the articles at all. :-) Morgine)
Flower Essences *awesome essences and formulas for animals The World Wide Essence Society – You will find practitioners, helpful articles, and more. *Flower Essence Pharmacy – One of best Resources on Information about Flower Essences and their use *800-548-0075 You can buy both Bach (also called English Flowers) and FES from them *great flower essences for all purposes *great essences for your animal friends! *Perelandra books, tapes, essences and more – Machaelle Small Wright

General  First Aid for animals Starting an Animal Care Business – classes and guidelines great site with animal/pet greeting cards, for the loss of an animal friend and animal cards – United States list of holistic vets – for clients who have none – animal site with many topic.. for those living rurally who might need things here -an international, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation, and media attention. – Association of Pet Dog Trainers – helpful in locating a trainer Assisted Living for Seniors with pets  Animal Assisted Therapy can help therapists and clients resolve mental health problems in a way that isn’t possible with other types of therapy alone Assisi International Animal Institute  animal enclosures for cats, dogs, chickens, ferrets, birds and more – books and other resources  Pet Financial Aid Resources for Low-Income Families  Adopting and caring for rescue animals Caring & Costs of having a dog – books, videos, audio’s, training tools, toys, supplements, food for dogs and other animals as well – largest organization working for humane treatment of farm animal  *Great pee and stain remover! – People can actually place questions to trainers and get specific advice. Keeping your pets safe & GREAT links at the bottom for Many different kinds of Animal Friends too!  Pet Proof your home  How to COOL DOWN your dog Safely. – great site for locating animal friendly housing all over the US – *great site for information for people interested in horses. Moving with Pets State by State Guide a Spanish website for dog lovers – posting lost animals all over the world can  you afford to have a pet – *Marina Zacharias – holistic advice and products for healing your animal friends pet food recalls – adoption site Figuring Dog Years Makes you pet tags Pet articles – many holistic, supplies all kinds, publications, etc. same as petsmart – pet supplies and great articles from Pets part of the family magazine, including ones on animal communicators, how to select a holistic vet, humane methods of training and more! – pet friendly accommodations and travel tips for your pets – for the US and other countries – traveling with your pets – lots of selections and advice   Pooching Around UK – for shedding, fleas, ticks, and glossy coats. VA Benefits for Service Dogs Emergency Planning for Pets *communication, animal related products, newsletter & more. Shopping Green for Your Pet Safe Travel with your Animal Friends Assistance Dog Resources  How different animals sleep – safe alternative to declawing – easy to use and safe Pet Friendly Travel Guide   Mental health benefits of pet adoption  camping with dogs – what you need, precautions, etc.. Benefit of having pets for kids  Cost of having an animal  Traveling By Train with  Animal Friends   Pet Freebies Pet Proofing Your Home  Making your home Pet Safe  Expenses of Having a Service Dog  Pet Insurance versus Renters Insurance Renting With a Pet  Great tips for traveling with your pets Pets Help with Addiction Recovery

Lost & Missing Animals
Here are just a few. More listed on my website * *

Pet Loss lots of good stuff, including cremation, prayers, etc. Teresa Wagner is a wonderful animal communicator who specializes in grief counseling with animal loss. Her website is an Awesome Resource for this subject and she won a Woman of the Year Award from an organization for her work in this field. I highly recommend her services. Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement – Memorial Tribute of your animal ($25membership required plus $25 tribute fee), Chat Room, Listing of pet cemeteries, crematories, grief counselors, support group, telephone hot lines, Pet loss bibliography, Newsletter with pet loss articles available to dues paying members  Teaching A Child About Grief

Photo, Portrait & Video Memorials Pets In Pastel – Original commissioned lifelike oil pastel portraits of your animal loved one Pet Memorial Tree Planting – Have a young tree planted in the state of your choice in honor of your animal. Receive an official certificate of planting and sympathy letter and card.

Prayer Support & Prayer & Healing Requests Specifically For Animals *Animal Prayer Requests – Nondenominational scroll down to grieving for animals silent Unity 800-669-7729 – Nondenominational, metaphysical openness and orientation.

Urns, Caskets, Cemeteries, Crematoriums, Grave Markers

International Association of Pet Cemeteries 581-594-3000 Will assist you in locating a cemetery in your area. Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement – Look under the Aftercare section of this web site for cemetery listings  Everlasting Stone – Beautiful Vermont granite pet monuments, as well as urns and caskets. Memorial urns from necklaces to boxes, picture frames and more


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