Personal Recommendations

Personal Recommendations

In my life, I have had many amazing teachers in the form of people, animals, books, classes, tapes, movies and much more. Several of them are listed in this Resource Section pages. Some of these people affected me deeply and helped me to make a big shift in my own life and I list some of them here, because I highly value what they have to share and possibly they could help transform your life in some way? We also each resonate with different teachers.

Penelope Smith changed my life by writing her book “Animal Talk.” After reading it, I took many of her classes and my life was never the same as it shown on this website. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me and many others. Penelope Smith is the revered founding pioneer in the field of interspecies communication, author of the popular books, Animal Talk and When Animals Speak, (available in many languages) and editor of Species Link magazine. Her visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, numerous books, and on radio and television around the world. She has developed tried-and-true telepathic communication techniques, which complement both ancient native wisdom and modern scientific knowledge. A legendary teacher for over three decades, she has helped launch the careers of numerous professional animal communicators. Penelope believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and that, although it is long lost for most people, it can be regained for the benefit of all beings on Earth.  For more information, visit; write Anima Mundi Incorporated, 1415 Libby Loop Road, Prescott, AZ 86303 U.S.A., or call (928) 776-9709. Direct order line 1-800-431-1579.

FAVORITE Animal Communication Magazine now available On Line or in the Mail!!

Dog & Cat Resource for DIY great Dog Food Recipes and Snacks, Training Tips, Natural Healing Ideas, Food Warnings and so much more!

Animal Wellness Magazine is my favorite magazine for up to date health care for animals in many areas. It has also featured articles on animal communication as well. I love this magazine and its devotion to animals wellness! Animal Wellness Magazine is North America’s #1 health magazine for animals. Featuring articles on natural healing and nutrition, advice from leading animal experts & holistic veterinarians, coping with pet loss, alerts to endangered species, and highlighting the best quality natural products and nutrition available for your animals in each issue. It’s everything our four-legged family members have been waiting for!

Best Friends Sanctuary & Magazine Several years ago I attended a conference at Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah and was so inspired by this magical place where there is endless love and devotion shown to animals and the sacred land on which they live. These people are totally devoted to saving animals lives, providing quality care, finding the best homes, ending needless deaths in shelters around world. I highly recommend supporting their amazing work and their beautiful magazine. They inspire me daily with their immense love and compassion for all forms of life. Best Friends runs the nation’s largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals and is also home for a host of wildlife who find refuge there. They operate a low cost spay/neuter program, sponsors a network of members in rescue, foster care and humane education, and works with humane groups nationwide to bring about a time when there will be No More Homeless Pets.  I use and love this product myself because “for me” it does a great job at removing stains and smells. We each have different kinds of carpets and floors and I love this product myself.


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