Services & Fees

$80 Hour $45 Half Hour (unless otherwise noted in other services.) Payments are made by sending a check or money order to: Morgine Jurdan P. O. Box154, Amboy, WA 98601. Or paying with Paypal to  Phone 360-686-9886 (landline – no cell phone service here)

Standard Animal Communication Sessions (Questions and Personal Messages) I will usually arrange for a consultation by phone. I will prepare prior to the call, and will talk to you about 25 – 55 minutes on the phone, depending on your wishes. Additional time will be prorated on an hourly rate. You will be responsible for calling me at the scheduled time Pacific 360-686-9886. Thank you.

Personal Unique Messages From Your Animal Friends living with you or In Spirit, or Wild Animals or Nature:  Do you have a special Animal  Friend with you or in Spirit, or Wild Animal in nature you see often, or might even visit you once in a while? Does something keep showing up? Do you have a special plant or tree you are attracted to? What are they wanting you to know? Do they have a personal message for you? Are they wanting to communicate something to you? I have over 20 years experience communicating with plants and animals and is willing to listen for your personal message for you. $25.00 for 20 minutes of simple messages for you in an email. Contact me at  Satisfaction guaranteed. .

Lost or Missing Animal Communication Sessions These sessions are done  DIFFERENTLY. I  offer COACHING on how to bring your animal home.   (No locating  ~ communication only.) $35.00 for 30 minutes satisfaction guaranteed.

In Person Sessions Once in a while I am asked to go to someone’s house. The standard fees apply along with additional charges for my mileage and travel time.

Vacation Check In Some animals can greatly benefit by a short hello every day while you are gone letting them know things are ok and how long it will be until you arrive home.  $6 a day per Animal Friend

How to Prepare for Your Animal Communication Session
1. If possible, please call me or email me, or send a letter with the following information prior to our session: Your name, address, phone number, animal friend’s Name, Age, complete Physical Description (kind of animal, size, colors, short or long hair, etc.) or a photo if you have one. (A photo is not necessary.)

OPTIONAL ~ Not Necessary:  A brief history of your friend, including injuries and physical condition, family changes, moving, and other pertinent information. Your main questions and concerns. Your goal for our session. Names, ages, descriptions of other animals in your family and humans living with them as well.

2. I talk with you from my home in a sacred place created for our time together. Please find a quiet comfortable place to share this time together, free of distracting noises, television and other background noise. Please do not call while driving. Take a couple long, deep, cleansing breaths before you call. I recommend you have pen and paper ready to note any important information. Relax and enjoy our time together and you will get the most out of time and you will remember whatever is important for you.

Please Note: Sessions are not meant to replace good veterinary care
Emergency appointments may be available at other times.

End of Life Consultations: Gain Peace of Mind when an animal friend is close to the end of their life and you want to know if he or she wants more medication or surgery?  Are they in pain or suffering, or possibly not?  Are they wanting to die on their own or are they requesting assistance?  While animals are similar to us in many ways, they also experience life differently.   Allow yourself to receive loving  Support, real Compassion and Understanding at this challenging time for you.  Learn how you might be able to transform this moment into something more empowering for you both.  I am here to support you through this experience. Prices are the  same. See Peaceful Pet Passing for more details

Other Services:

Personal Life Coaching focused around learning about the “Perspective of Unconditional Love” and what this really means and how it could transform your life. $80 an hour. Tailored to your personal needs.

Healing Energy is a Process
I truly believe unconditional love is the strongest force in the universe and when I send healing energy, part of my process is to become a channel for the unconditional love from the Divine to flow through me and to a situation, people, animals and even parts of Nature, for the Highest and Best Good. In addition, I use many other energy tools I have learned over the years. Time spent can vary depending on the issues and severity of the challenge. Sessions are usually a half hour or an hour in length.

The word “healing” can also be a very subjective word. Healing can come in many small and subtle steps. At times there are layers, like peeling an onion. Sometimes people think they are ready and receptive, when deep down inside, they are holding strong beliefs which prevent any healing energy from entering their fields. Some animals as well, might have their own reasons for not wanting healing, or it might be time to leave their bodies, or they only allow a little in at a time. I am very dedicated to my healing work and will put forth her best effort to help your animal friend, or yourself through a situation or condition. I merely ask you be open and willing to receive the energy I send to you and be willing to accept some changes may be small and subtle, and more sessions might be needed, while others might resolve themselves.

Distance Healing work is just as effective as in person, as I am connecting with the animal or person at the Soul/Spirit level which can be accessed from anywhere. There is also usually, much less distractions going on and more focused attention to the issue at hand. Again your satisfaction is guaranteed. $45.00 for half an hour.

Energy Cleansings
We now understand everything is “energy” in different forms. Even our thoughts hold energy. Visit Dr. Masuru Emoto’s website and you will find merely placing a word on a glass of water can alter its physical structure! So often land, buildings, cars, homes, even computers can be filled with an unbalanced amount of toxic negative energy. I know many people who hate their drive to work and I guarantee their cars are filled to overflowing with angry, negative waves! I am able to Cleanse these different things, even at a distance and restore some Balance to these areas or things. Sometimes people can experience the shift right away and other times it might take a week or two. It is like removing some toxic dust and replacing it with loving energy! $25 per building/property.

Additional Assistance
If I am not available for what you need or desire, I will be happy to refer you to other communicators who may be able to assist you with your situation. If I feel someone else can better serve you, I will also forward you to them as well. My bottom line is getting you the Best Service I can.

Payments are made by sending a check or money order to: Morgine Jurdan P. O. Box154, Amboy, WA 98601. Or paying with Paypal to  .

How Morgine Works
Nature and animals have become great guides and mentors for me. My desire is to serve you and your animal friends in sharing clear conversations with each other and enhancing the bonds and connections you share to help co create a better life for us all. I do this in person, on the phone, email, or snail mail. I want your satisfaction.

Tuning In & Receiving Permission
I prepare to come from a place of clarity and unconditional love in all I do. My desire is always to serve you to the highest and best of my ability every day. I begin a session by connecting and tuning into the animal and feeling for the essence and personality and asking permission to communicate. Once permission has been granted, I begin the animal communication portion of the session. I use telepathy, dowsing, kinesiology, and my intuitive abilities to tune in to and commune with the animal. Each animal is unique and so is each session.

Your Participation
Consultations are done long distance over the phone conducted in a sacred space in my home. I prefer that you are on the phone for a portion of the session as I feel that you will also benefit from my work. I can email you my notes from the session, and they are not as detailed. (There is an extra charge for this.) In-person sessions may sometimes be available. In this case there will be additional fees for gas and travel time.

Multiple Animals
I can work with more than one animal in a one hour session. It is important to understand, however, that short sessions with several animals will not often provide as profound changes as taking longer with each one. When one animal does make a change however, often the other animals are often affected as well.

How to Prepare for your Session
Quiet your mind and take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. Find a quiet comfortable place to call me at your prearranged session time. Please set aside this time and block your call waiting and turn off any distracting cell phones, pagers, televisions, or other background noise. I suggest you have a pencil and paper ready to take notes of things you will want to remember or instructions for further work you will continue on your own.

Classes & Mentoring
I teach fun, enjoyable, often life transforming classes teaching animal communication, telepathy, and understanding love from an animal’s point of view. Advanced classes also include communicating with Nature. I teach at my home, in stores and people’s homes. If you want to host me, please let me know as you receive half off the cost of the class. I also do one on one individual mentoring in my home or by phone. See Classes

I love sharing with others about the amazing work I do and provide tips so you can begin you own journey into these magical experiences. I provide informative, delightful, interactive presentations about new ways to communicate with animals and nature. They can run one or two hours and include a question and answer period. People often leave inspired and eager to use some of the new tools I provide them with. I also hand out a detailed book list to help them add to their knowledge on these subjects. I will speak in people’s homes, pet supply stores, veterinarian offices, shelters and humane societies, healing centers, 4H groups, and more! Call today and let’s talk about it!


I stand behind my work. If you are not happy or satisfied, please let me know , via phone, email or letter, and payment can be refunded.