Classes & Presentations

“Communing with Animals & Nature”

Communicating with Love

with Morgine

Use the power of Love to communicate with your Animal Friends, with Nature, with everything.
Unlock your own hidden wisdom
with delightful, easy, and joy-filled exercises.

Breathe more meaning and magic into every moment. Learn how loving communications can help resolve problems, increase health, and improve in training your animal and plant friends. Develop closer relationships, reduce stress, and increase both your well being. Release the illusion of separation and become more intimate with all forms of life.

“Animals and Nature love us, forgive us, trust us, even when we are not at our best. It is such a blessing for me to allow people to hear their points of view, and to assist everyone in learning how to do this. Wisdom often lies where we least expect it.” Morgine

Beginning Clinics
Call or email if interested in having or hosting a class in person.

Monday  May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th   4 – 5 PM Pacific $95.00


Advanced Clinics
Call or email me if interested in having or hosting a class!

Individual Mentoring: Go at your own pace and learn in a one on one environment with lots of personal attention. In my home or on the phone in individual coaching sessions. Call with any questions, inquires.  I am very Flexible.

Locations: Morgine’s home nestled in the foothills by Mt. St. Helens, WA, about an hour North of Portland, OR. Also classes in Portland and surrounding areas. On the Phone. At various other locations in people’s homes or stores.

I have been working in the field of “communications “almost since birth, when I began talking to my animal friends, helped human friends to get along, and later facilitated conflict resolution classes. I have trained with Danaan Parry, Penelope Smith, Samantha Khury, Dorothy Maclean and others. I am featured in Arthur Myers’s book “Communicating with Animals”. and Dawn Brunke’s books “Animal Voices” and “Awakening To Animal Voices”.

I am a writer myself, a healer, photographer, mother, artist, love dancing, cooking, and creating wonderful new and exciting experiences! I include flower essences, energy work, Ttouch, working with nature spirits and more in my life. I am currently writing my own book and sharing articles on my Blog

Recommended Reading: Reading one or more of these books before my class, can greatly enhance your experience. “Animal Talk” by Penelope Smith; “The Language of Animals” by Carol Gurney; “Learn Their Language” by Marta Williams.


I love sharing with others about the amazing work I do and provide tips so you can begin you own journey into these magical experiences. I provide FREE, delightful interactive presentations about new ways to communicate with animals and nature. They can run one or two hours and include a question and answer period. People often leave inspired and eager to use some of the new tools I provide them with. I also hand out a detailed book list to help them add to their knowledge on these subjects. I will speak in people’s homes, pet supply stores, veterinarian offices, shelters and humane societies, healing centers, 4H groups, and more! Call today and let’s talk about it!



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