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It had been 6 months since my beloved female Maine coon cat of 17 years passed away but I still found myself in pain and grief.  I felt like I could not go on this way and must know what my baby was feeling and what she was doing now.  I found Penelope Smith’s web site and then found Morgine as a communicator in Washington state.  Her web site seemed so sincere that it made me cry and I felt I had found the right person.  I started our phone call close to tears from grief and ended it in sheer joy.  Morgine has a wonderful gift.  She confirmed what I had felt, that my beloved Bella has visited me several times in spirit since her passing and that all I need to do is think of her and her spirit will be with here with me.  I did not know that even if an animal has incarnated into a new body their spirit can still visit us.  How can you find words to express gratitude for someone who helps you to turn pain and grief into sheer joy – I highly recommend Morgine and feel blessed for having been guided to her.  Susan

Hi Morgine,
HE IS HOME!!!  I am beyond the pail thankful that I have my dear Henry home. He was picked up by a Clark County Worker on Wednesday on the road just near my house. She went to my neighbor’s house who I didn’t know and she didn’t know me. At any rate she took Henry home with her and yesterday when she was driving home she saw the poster at the Farger Lake store and called me. Very nice woman!
Thank you for all your help with turning me around and showing me the way to peace! I am eternally greatful for that! Your words of wisdom will last me for a lifetime…..I am going to recommend you to everyone I know….even if they haven’t lost their pet!
With love and gratitude,  Courtney

Morgine has been a blessing to me over the years. I first started working with her back in 2000 when the loss of a long-time companion left me hurting. Through the years she helped me contact loved pets who has passed on from this world, helping me to cope with their loss and better understand the journey their souls are on. She has helped me find lost pets, communicating to me what the pet was seeing so I could identify their location quicker. She has helped me communicate with sick pets to help me know what care needed to be provided for them, and when it was time to stop treatments and let them fly free. She has helped my pets pass over the rainbow bridge when their time came. Most of all, she has been a support to me through each pet’s journey. She is both loving and truthful. She doesn’t hide the truth to spare emotions and is willing to state boldly what is occurring, but stays as a support to help you work through the situation.

The last dog I had to say goodbye to was a very hard situation for me. Morgine not only told me what she was perceiving, but got additional advice for me from others whom she trusted. Once she told me what I had dreaded hearing, she stayed by me, and shared several resources with me to help me through my feelings . She offered to talk to my husband as well to help him understand the situation. She helped me communicate my last thoughts to my dog, and shared in my grief as I prepared to let her go. She even spoke with a vet to help me know how much of a sedating medication to give so my dog wouldn’t panic when the time came. Morgine has both stayed close and given me the space I needed to sort things out in my mind during this time. Despite the physical distance between us, I have never felt that Morgine is far away when she is needed.

I’d always hope to not need Morgine’s help to communicate with my pets, I’d rather that my pets could stay with me forever. But, since I know this is not the case, it’s always a comfort to know that she is there if, or when, I should need her. I’m thankful for all the help and guidance she has given me over the years. Olga

As a professional and business owner who serves as a catalyst to help individuals and organizations make positive changes in their lives by realizing their potential, I recognize and acknowledge Morgine’s unique and valuable ability to bridge the communication gap between the language of the human species and the language of our companion animals. She’s an extraordinary woman with a strong sense of compassion and integrity. I greatly appreciate her special abilities. She has definitely enhanced my relationship with my companion animals . Debra Gugig-Bauer

I am having trouble finding the right words to tell you how important, wonderful, and even life changing our conversation was to me. I now have a deeper understanding of my relationships with my animal family members. The information you gave me was priceless! Kim

Commenting about my class…I like your grounded feeling, very informed, live your beliefs! I feel the rusty old door in my heart has been opened and if you can help me, you can help anyone. Tani

Thank you for giving us voices, thank you for the transparent, beautiful channel you create, it is a gift we all grow so deeply from. Emma and animal friends

I will definitely refer clients to you as I believe your work to be superior to many I spoke with during that troubled time. Above all you are compassionate and loving, qualities so necessary to the true workers. Barbara

Your gift of Spirit, and connecting with Louie is the most beautiful joy of life there is. Thank you forever from my heart, with love and gratitude, Marney

I enjoyed our conversation so much this AM, I still feel exhilarated! Thank you for your ministering on behalf of Satcha my Kitty friend. Her distress was noticeably diminished following our conversation. Just a note to say thank you for the insightful reading you provided concerning my beloved wolf-hybrid Nkema. I feel as though I now have a clearer understanding of her process and hope that I can provide her with better care. Billy Wolf

Thank you for facilitating a growth in spirit of staggering magnitude. Love Linda

Quite simply, you and Weenie have transformed my being and I know it in my cells ….the love and joy I felt as I could stay with Weenie through each step of her journey as she left her little body, is nothing short of an miracle. I’ll never be able to thank you , in the quintessential way I want to. Only maybe in you knowing you and Weenie and Ema have awakened me. Love, Normi Noel

Thank you so much for opening the door for Sunny and I. So much of what you said rings true. Our visit tonight will enable me to help him – to return to him some of the pleasure I receive from him. Margie & Sunny

Connecting with you has sharpened my awareness to the need to communicate with them on a much deeper level and with greater respect for their “beingness.” Darlene

One more thing I need to mention is that you performed your services first, then requested payment be sent. This type of trust and love is rare indeed today. I was wonderfully surprised and it is indeed “communications with love.” George

Thank you SO MUCH!, from a very emotional heart to your open, healing heart. Kathleen

You brought clarity and guided me in understanding Keli’s needs, some possible reason for the things going on in her body, and how best to address the situation You were so right! Jean

I am thankful you are a part of my life, you help me in so many ways. Your advice and insight allows me to sleep at night! Jenna

Super Great I’m impressed! Good Work Morgan. It still amazes me at the changes. I went to protect my friend if Ike attacked him or wanted to kick and he loves us up! LeeAnn

Thanks for communicating with Jasmine for me. I feel so grounded after speaking with you; you’re and inspiration. Thanks for reminding me to “be” and to enjoy life. Jo

Thanks for your card, kind thoughts, comfort and help through this experience. You helped me turn a terrible situation into an uplifting one. Michelle

THANK YOU!! very much for all the remote healing you did for June yesterday and today, and for the informative and helpful consultation. I most appreciated your clarity of communication. I was so reassured that the process of her passing on, while very painful, has been very direct and clear for me. Your suggestions for celebrating her and giving her some of her favorite foods was insightful. We were able to thank her and remember her puppy-ness and little quirks with smiles. This was a great gift. Judy

After our conversation the other day, it was a moment of great relief and peace. I felt that Leo was not alone but had you and I at his side. I was in total comfort by your compassion for Leo and I. And you have changed my life by giving me an inside look at the mind of dogs. I have reaffirmed my love, respect and appreciation for animals. Thank You! Marianne

The change in Boodles is remarkable. She climbed right on my lap and stayed there, smiling. She is sleeping beside me again and when I told her how much I believe in our long, happy future together in our lovely new house and garden, she reached up with a soft paw and rested it gently on my check for along time. I’m so happy. Ann

I have shared your article with many friends ….they were also enlightened by your wisdom. Jana

I cannot express how much your teachings meant to myself and the rest of the class. Your class was the talk of the shelter. I finish walking down aisles of all the dogs and cats emitting positive energy, smiling, speaking sweetly but calmly, to help ease their stay. Karyn

I just wanted to tell you how much we use the visualization. I passed the visualization on to several of my children who have pets. My oldest daughter used the visualization on her husband’s niece’s dog, who played rough. She says it worked. The visualization and verbal praise has worked well and quickly with Belle, as long as I remember to do it. I have gotten complacent a couple of times, because she was doing so well. Then her behavior was on the verge of becoming aggressive again. Which of course, reminded me to continue working with her. Your techniques reminded me how often we don’t watch what we think or say to and about people as well as pets. It is a good lesson to remember. Thank you again. Ruth Ridolfo

You bring a wisdom and sensitivity to the vastness and interrelationship of nature and all it’s species. You have a unique gift to connect in respect and love for all living things and through your sensitivity connect in a practical way. You bring communication – making the invisible visible to anyone, any age, in any situation. That your age is a gift in bringing wisdom of the power of Mother Nature and that you’re a vehicle for that wisdom to speak at a time when planet earth need it!

As a coach I would say that you have an intuitive ability to touch into the unique strengths and gifts of people, and draw that out, allowing people to get I with their mission in life and life a life that is purposeful and fulfilling.
Angela Skene

I see you as a tender of gardens of the human spirit. You are searching for ways for humans to be more spiritual, finding connections through plants and animals, and using what you learn to help all people you meet become more spiritual, in whatever ways they’re ready for at the moment.

I think some of the Bimmini dolphin messages are very powerful. I see this as a lasting gift you can offer the world. I also see you as this solid dock where confused people can tie their bobbing boats while they figure out what’s true. I keep having this image of you as a mooring, a strong base that people can tie their boats to when the waves are whipping up…. you’re a spiritual boat dock.

You know in your heart that certain things about animals and communication and life are simply real, and I think you have a gift for being strong about what you know, and sharing that understanding very generously, while also helping people feel emotionally safe to sort things out for themselves. (Morgine, the human harbor.) This is a deeply sacred gift you are offering. You are one of the few skilled communicators I am aware of who will share messages from clients’ animals – helping them get through these immediate crises – while also making it perfectly clear that this is a skill they can develop, at their own pace, when they feel ready. Brenda Fullick

I see you as a voice for the animals and for spirit. You help me to hear from the animal kingdom what I can not hear myself. I find that the messages from the dolphins that you brought through for me was and still is very healing and helpful. I feel very safe exposing life’s challenges in front of you, because you are real and just like the rest of us.

I receive insight, guidance, clarity and love in a safe and non judgmental way. While I am quite psychic myself, I can not always hear the animals in detail. It helps to have someone who can clearly hear what my animals friends are trying to tell me. You are a clean, clear and profound channel for the voice of animal wisdom. Dawn Lianna

I’m also amazed at your gifted writing ability to put your wisdom into sincere words that brighten the heart, enlighten the mind and bring happiness to others. Morgine, you wholeheartedly inspire and motivate others to find their individual gifts, inner light & love, and divine connection with heaven on earth. Also in your writing and the influence it has on others- especially when read with your voice – magical. Simply ~ Morgine you’re an earth angel. Carol Robinson

As a client, you offer the greatest gift. People want to know what the animals have to say! It is a burning desire for me at times to just know what my animals want. When you talk to the animals, ask my questions and you give me their answers, it puts me on another level of love with my animals. A deeper understanding, an inspiration that touches my heart. You are the conduit that allows the flow of our communication. What a fantastic service you provide.

As a student, you have introduced me to so many new ideas, and each one has been a precious gift. You have given me the tools so I can continue learning and growing. You take the time to help me understand new ideas and concepts, when I just haven’t quite gotten the idea, you help the light bulb to go on with different ways of looking at things. Since our workshops, so many times I think back to what you have taught us and I thank you. Dianne Sizemore

Whenever I have spoken to you and had you speak to my animals, I have always learned an amazing amount. Not only about how they feel, but about who I am. You helped my horse, Jiggy, and myself through the transitional stage of me selling him to new people, and my horse PJ and myself deal with fireworks. Instead of instantly thinking that there is something wrong with the animal I am working with I stop and do my best to communicate with them – to see if there are any sudden feelings I get from just being around them. The more I do this, and think about things in a different way, I realize that 99% of the problems animals have, are because of people. People send the wrong signals all the time. These are things that I have learned from talking and working with you. Sarah Riggs

As one of your students, I can tell you that your classes are always inspiring, interesting, and fun. I always left there feeling good and as though I was a better person than when I came. As a client, you have helped me so much in dealing with the passing of my dogs. When you send the message that you have received from them, it always makes me feel that they are right here with me and it makes it so much easier to cope. Carol Riser

I know your truth and honesty and your enthusiasm for your work with all of nature and it is a great comfort to me.
I have learned that a problem with my animal usually started with me and my lack of understanding and I very much appreciate being set on the right track again. I also know that through your work, you help not only individual situations, but the planet as well (and so the universe because it ripples out). And I have to mention again, your enthusiasm, it makes a difference.

Too few people are such advocates for all forms of life. I think you make a difference in the world and because of your understanding and knowing it comes from your heart, you help us make little individual differences in how we view ourselves, our planet, and those whom we are lucky enough to have in our care and in our life. Shirley Marinov

You are definitely one of my favorite people on the planet, in spite of the fact that we have yet to meet face to face.
Morgine has a unique for helping people on many different levels. She is able to intuitively get to the heart of the matter and zero in the spiritual, emotional and practical elements that exist within the given situation. She does this with a warm, compassionate inner wisdom, tempered with humor and down to earth insight. Perhaps even more importantly, she encourages people to seek the truth as it applies to their own life lessons. She does this with out being judgmental or playing the role of the “GURU.”

I know from my previous communications with Morgine, that she shares her own personal challenges with us and uses them to offer strength and encouragement. This type of sharing is the mark of a wonderful teacher because it lends credibility and hard won knowledge to the teacher’s lessons.

Morgine has helped me to better understand my animal companions and my relationships with them. She has helped me to recognize the special lessons that I am learning through my animal companions. Morgine has made an immense difference when it comes to grieving the loss of some of my beloved companions. I was so grateful to hear Morgine’s reassuring words and voice which helped me to say “Good Bye” to some of my feline friends. I have benefited from Morgine’s insight as she has helped me to recognize how my own inner life affects the life and well being of my animals

Morgine’s Blog is uplifting and her words and the concepts are beautiful and inspiring. I think that Morgine may have discovered a New World through the wisdom that the animals share with her but Morgine is most likely and an Old Soul who has acquired lifetimes of learning. I am grateful that I know her and am so glad that she has become a life long friend and teacher. Love and Many Blessings, Debra Gugig-Bauer

I have known and loved Morgine for decades and she has ALWAYS helped me from long distance, with my pets AND my friends pets.
This time was a little different.   I had just taken a job pet and house sitting down near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The older couple had a lovely home on a hill and 1 rabbit, 2 German Shepards, and 3 cats.   All were rescue animals.   Nothing unusual, standard up keep ….   except for the youngest kitty that was about 2 years old named KD.
The couple said to ‘watch out for KD’, who they’d had for about 18 months….. Locked up INSIDE the house….   except for the rare times she snuck out through a too casually door left a jar for a few minutes.   They cautioned me about this on their 16 day time away, but added …. ‘If she does sneak out, just leave the front bedroom glass slider patio door open a bit.    She’ll come back.’
Well, she got out my first day watching the critters…. On a Friday midday and she didn’t come back on Saturday, the next day.   I let my hosts know, they said…..   She’ll come back.
Late Saturday night.   No KD.    So Sunday morning my host called her neighbor/close friend to come look around for her.   No results.
Now it’s midday Sunday.  No KD. and I was feeling horrible, thinking this might be my LAST pet sitting job!!!   So I called Morgine up near Portland and she communicated with KD rather quickly.   Morgine told me KD was happy and having fun being able to roam free.  Morgine said for me to stay calm and see KD back in the house and told me exactly how to think and what to say.
At 6:30 two guests arrived for a visit.   More new strangers to KD    And both visitors male, which KD doesn’t like.   We all remained calm and casual having our visit.
At 7:30 we all see KD sauntering on the side of the house.   We say “hi!”  And tell her we’re happy to see her.   We then forget about her and leave the patio slider open a bit…. And we all feel positive.   My guests leave about 9 and within 5 minutes we see KD meandering in the front room!!!   Chill as could be, relaxed and sweet.     We casually close the patio door, give her some food and talk to her, telling her exactly what Morgine told us to say.
To me this is an amazing story and attests to the keen and profound ability Morgine has to be able to communicate with animals.
Thank you so much Morgine!   I am so relieved AND amazed and happy to have such a gifted friend…. and as always, I give Morgine my highest recommendation and deepest thanks of gratitude! Judy Utah

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